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AutoPkg is a system for automatically preparing software for distribution to managed clients. Recipes allow you to specify a series of simple actions which combined together can perform complex tasks, similar to Automator workflows or Unix pipes.

See the wiki for more information and full documentation.

Discussion of the use and development of AutoPkg is here.


Download and install the latest installer package.

This will also set up a packaging server and a launchd job so regular users can create packages.


Set the MUNKI_REPO preference to use recipes that can import to a Munki repository.

defaults write com.github.autopkg MUNKI_REPO /path/to/your/munki/repo


These are just a few examples. See the wiki for more usage info.

Run a recipe:

autopkg run recipename

List all recipes:

autopkg list-recipes

See all commands:

autopkg help

Getting Recipes

No recipes are included with the base autopkg tools. You can use autopkg to get some:

autopkg repo-add

This clones the recipes repo into ~/Library/AutoPkg/RecipeRepos/, where autopkg will find them automatically. You can keep your recipes up to date using the repo-update command:

autopkg repo-update all